About DKFD’s manufacturing partner, Deltech Furnaces

Deltech Kiln and Furnace Design LLC is just that; a kiln and furnace design company exclusively serving the nuclear community. Product manufacturing is in turn subcontracted to Deltech Furnaces, a privately held, woman and family owned and operated small business located in Denver, Colorado. Deltech Furnaces (Deltech, Inc.) has been fabricating standard and custom laboratory and production scale furnace systems for nearly a half century. Control systems are now certified by Intertek to be UL508A compliant, making Deltech unique in the U.S. electric furnace manufacturing industry.

Deltech, Inc. is an internationally recognized supplier of furnaces meeting the most challenging application requirements. Customers include every U.S. national lab, NASA, Sandia, universities around the world, the Carnegie Institute, Coors Tek, Skyworks, 3M, Schott Glass, Imerys, Dentsply, and many others.

A few of the highlights in Deltech’s history:

  • Deltech built its first furnace for Coors Tek, then known as Coors Porcelain. Coors Tek continues to be one of our best customers for both laboratory and production size furnaces.
  • NASA selected Deltech to design and build the quench test furnaces which were used to evaluate the moon rocks. The descendants of that design are widely used in geosciences research today in universities around the world.
  • Sandia National Labs selected Deltech to design and build numerous furnaces for their glass research lab. Our glass melt furnace customers include Pacific Northwest National Labs, Corning, Johns Manville, Schott North America, Owens Illinois, Ceradyne Viox, and Ferro France.
  • Deltech developed a 2000 deg C in air furnace with a practical workspace size. Such high temperatures usually require graphite furnaces. Customers include Los Alamos, NASA, Harvard, Rutgers, the Carnegie Geophysical Labs, the Naval Surface Warfare Center,Virginia Polytech, Linn High Therm in Germany, and Nanjing University in China.  To our knowledge we are the only U.S. manufacturer of this equipment.
  • The Jet Propulsion Laboratory selected Deltech to design and build a 10 ft diameter x 3 ft high workspace top hat furnace to prepare the glass for the FIRST project conducted at Composite Optics. This was a culmination of a number of years of building larger and larger top hats for semiconductor and automotive ceramics manufacturers. In 2011 Deltech was awarded a contract from ATK to modify this furnace for a new project.
  • Most recently, we’ve added three new product lines: positive pressure, rotary, and tunnel  furnaces. Positive pressure furnace customers include PPG and the National High Magnetics Laboratory at Florida State University. Rotary furnace customers include Coors Tek and Imerys. Our first small scale production tunnel kiln belongs to Robocasting, a 3D ceramic printing company.

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