All potential suppliers and active suppliers to DKFD, LLC are required to fill out and submit the Supplier Survey Form to Once approved, active suppliers will be required to submit an updated survey on an annual basis. DKFD will send a reminder and a link.

Important: Be sure to review our Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

What we purchase includes:

  • Industrial controls and electrical components
  • Silicon carbide, molydisilicide, ceramic embedded wire wound, and zirconia heating elements
  • Heating element connectors/accessories
  • Pt and Pt-Rh wire
  • Ceramics including tubes and tubing
  • Alumina insulation board and blanket
  • Fasteners
  • Pneumatic components
  • Gas mixing systems
  • Machining services
  • Welding services
  • Engineering and testing services
  • Calibration services