Need a standard high temperature box furnace? We build them. Need a furnace that is beyond description for a complex application? We build those, too. Since 1968, family owned Deltech Furnaces, Inc. has designed and built electric laboratory and production scale resistance heated  furnaces to order and to suit.

Deltech furnaces feature the finest quality insulating materials and heating elements. They are capable of sustained operation at the highest rated temperatures, from 1200°C to 2000°C.

  • Available in vertical and horizontal tube (including split shell) models, front load, bottom load, “top hat”, and glass melt designs for use temperatures up to 1800°C.  Glass melt furnaces feature a hard ceramic lining for resistance to glass attack and a top port for a glass stir rod. Front load, bottom load, top hat, and glass melt models can be built with atmosphere envelopes for processing in inert atmospheres. 2000°C furnaces are available in tube and bottom load models.
  • Workspace sizes from bench top to production and in most any configuration for operating temperatures up to 1800°C; you are not limited to standard sizes.
  • Exterior panels are constructed of a heavy duty fiberboard material. This, coupled with our special convection cooling design, eliminates the need for cooling fans and keeps the furnace exterior operator safe.
  • Design features enable easy access to the furnace for maintenance, repair, and replacement of parts.
  • Every Deltech Furnaces control system is certified by Intertek to be UL508A compliant.
  • Replacement heating elements, thermocouples, and reline parts are readily available for fast shipment.