DKFD an ETEBA sponsor

DKFD an ETEBA Sponsor
DKFD a sponsor of the ETEBA New Mexico Business Opportunities Forum

DKFD an ETEBA sponsor 

DKFD (Deltech Kiln and Furnace Design, LLC) was pleased and privileged to be one of the sponsors for the always popular and successful ETEBA New Mexico Business Opportunities Forum. This event is held in the spring of each year. This year the meeting was, of course, virtual. ETEBA (Energy, Technology, and Environmental Business Association) is a non-profit trade association. One of it’s stated missions is to identify business opportunities for its members. This is precisely the goal of the New Mexico Business Opportunities Forum. The opportunities in question are at Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, WIPP and others. USACE (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) projects in New Mexico also provide work for local residents and businesses. The speakers are – and this year was no exception – primarily small business advocates for their respective organizations.

This year’s business opportunities

This year the emphasis is on replacing aging infrastructure and on legacy waste cleanup of contamination dating back to the 1940s. Nonetheless these facilities have requirements for a wide range of goods and services.

Why we are ETEBA members

We value our membership in ETEBA and conferences like this one because it helps us get the word out about our experience working with NQA-1 covered projects through contact with the small business advocates and business development managers for prime contractors such as Merrick Engineering, one of our customers, a company with a presence here in Denver, Colorado. Notably the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is also a frequent sponsor organization.

Introductory remarks were provided by Michael Wade, Vice President of Business Development for Springs ATG. We have worked with Springs ATG on projects and, as is the case with Merrick, one of their locations is in Denver.

Opportunities for Small Businesses

Every small business advocate who spoke at the conference emphasized that small business set aside goals always total at least 50% of their respective procurement budgets. They offer advice on how to register as potential vendors and how to win awards. One emphasis this year was on having a solid safety program in place, as every one of the organizations in question places great evidence on safety, particularly when NQA-1 standards are in place for a project.

Deltech Kiln and Furnace Design, LLC (DKFD) serves the energy communities, including nuclear, by providing custom laboratory furnace system designs, expert review and commentary on customer generated designs or on particular aspects of customer proposed systems. Through partnership with our related furnace manufacturing company Deltech Inc (Deltech Furnaces) we can also offer complete furnace systems, as needed. DKFD has experience working with NQA-1 flowdowns, and we are currently developing our own NQA-1 compliance program in conjunction with Integrated Quality. For more information, please contact us.

DKFD an ETEBA sponsor

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