DKFD an essential supplier

Positive pressure furnace
Positive pressure furnace designed by DKFD engineers and manufactured by Deltech Furnaces

DKFD an essential supplier

Deltech Kiln and Furnace Design has been deemed a “mission critical” supplier. As an essential supplier we are required to remain fully operational. As we are a custom furnace and kiln design company only, everyone involved is working remotely. We are fortunate to have this capability as our local community is under a shelter-in-place order.  Our manufacturing partner Deltech, Inc. (Deltech Furnaces) is also an essential supplier. However, as a manufacturer remaining fully operational is more challenging. Click here to learn about what they are doing to keep the doors open and the lights on while still helping employees to protect their own health and those of their families.

An essential supplier designation has a “trickle down” effect. Any lower tier suppliers of goods and services deemed essential to product or service provision are also instructed to maintain operations. At a minimum they must function to an extent that allows them to provide the critical components and services needed by the higher tier contractor. This can be particularly challenging when the workload may change on a daily basis. In addition, employees may be hesitant to report for work when sheltering at home is advised by public health officials.

And finally we tend to forget how dependent we all are on our transportation infrastructure and the many people who continue to make pickups and deliveries, including and most especially long haul truck drivers. We hear a lot about the airlines but much less about ground transportation employees. And let’s not forget our postal workers.

Do you have questions about the  operational status of Deltech Kiln and Furnace Design (DKFD)?  Do you wantg to learn more about our capabilities in service of the nuclear industry? Contact us  using the phone number of email link found on our homepage.’





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