Contract from Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

Contract from Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

Deltech Kiln and Furnace Design, LLC was recently awarded a contract for a medium scale vitrification furnace design and build project by Battelle Energy Alliance.  Vitrification is the process of turning a substance into a glass. The system will be sent to the Idaho National Lab. DKFD will subcontract the actual furnace build to its manufacturing partner, Deltech Inc. (Deltech Furnaces). The project is scheduled for completion in May 2020.

DKFD’s experience as a subcontractor to Merrick Engineering for a multi-furnace design and build project has contributed to our ability to meet the stringent safety and quality requirements which are a part of the contract. Owner/Manager J.J. Stevenson, who heads the DKFD Engineering team, commented that this is the company’s first opportunity to manage a project autonomously from design through fabrication and acceptance testing.

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The furnace system will go to the Idaho National Laboratory

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