Custom Built Furnaces

Built to your specifications, we’ll work with you from initial drawings to on-site installation, meeting rigorous NQA1 standards at every stage.


Current Projects

We have been subcontracted by Merrick, Inc. to supply several lab scale furnaces to a nuclear facility


Quality Assurance

We are currently working under the umbrella of the Merrick, Inc. NQA1 plan. In 2017 we will be working with Merrick and Manufacturer’s AdvantEdge to develop our own plan and receive ASME NQA1 certification.


About Us

Deltech Kiln and Furnace Design, LLC was founded in 2016 to supply electric laboratory furnaces and related supplies and equipment to the nuclear science, engineering, and technology communities. Designs, processes, and products must meet rigorous nuclear quality assurance requirements. DKFD is positioned to supply even the most complex custom furnace systems, providing quality assurance oversight and documentation at every step in the design, build, test, delivery, commissioning, and maintenance processes.